Presents the basics of research in the social and behavioral sciences in an informative and student-friendly way. 


Salkind’s Exploring Research, 8th edition makes research methods accessible for students.


Exploring Research provides an introduction to research methods through a friendly, approachable writing style. Salkind describes how to collect and analyze data and provides thorough instruction on how to prepare and write a research proposal and manuscript.  The text explores the use of electronic sources (the Internet) as a means to enhance research skills and includes discussions about scientific methods.  The most common types of research models in the social and behavioral sciences are incorporated, including qualitative methods. Salkind covers the research process, problem selection, sampling and generalizability, as well as a discussion of the measurement process .  


Teaching & Learning Experience

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  • Improve Critical Thinking — “What You’ll Learn about in This Chapter” helps students organize and understand the material to be covered within the chapter.  “Exercises” and “Test Yourself” sections challenge students think about and discuss chapter topics and improve their problem-solving skills. Resources in the text and online help students master the process of writing a research paper.
  • Engage Students — Chapter objectives, chapter quizzes, Lab Manual, and eText within MySearchLab help to engage students in the material.
  • Explore Research — Discussions of the research process, problem selection, sampling and generalizability, and the measurement process make research exploration accessible to students.  A lab manual is included in MySearchLab to help engage students in the research process. 
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  • Editeur: Pearson
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  • Édition: 8

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